Project Description


We were rapt to hear that a local café owner won the tender to provide the food offering at the beautifully named Yawa aquatic centre in Rosebud.  Tracey from Blue Mini café has been operating in the area for a long time and her food and the way she operates are second to none.

The logo design for Elements eatery had to fit in with the existing design of the Yawa centre which used modern san serif fonts and concentric line and circle motifs representing wholeness, inclusiveness; and in indigenous culture a meeting/gathering. We created a custom font using a lower case ‘e’ graphic/icon, adjusting it so that its negative space formed a top of a seeded bun by the addition of our circles and the lower half a knife. Nothing too ‘in your face’ but a subtle nod to the nature of the business.

We went on to create the design for tissue wrapping paper, stickers, business cards and DL flyers. Having eaten in the eatery in it’s first week of operation we’re confident it will become a highly regarded meeting place for the local community.